The Seed


I've recently had the great fortue of working with talented Nicolai Aaroe and his amazing MDT who worked on the award winning Misery Mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 


MDT's newest project is called The Seed which is a 2D static visual novel game that will challenges the reader's survival philosophies and ethical standing with every single chapter through a dilemma where he will have to make a choice in a moral grey world. This game as a modern mix of an e-book and a video game.



The world that The Seed portrays is very grim and dark. A sense of disparity and uncertainty follows the player with every move they makes. The music follows the same tone and vibe and supports the beautiful visuals and complex story line(s). 

The music is very sound design oriented and incorporates a lot of unconventional instruments and playing techniques. Bowing a broken upright piano, a bicycle wheel and an old artillery shell are some examples of the “instruments” that are featured in the music for The Seed. It also incorporates more conventional organic instruments such as strings, brass (French horns and trombones), guitars and piano.


The process in which the music is being created is pretty straightforward. I write and record all the parts in my home studio utilizing some of the best sample libraries available. I record the piano, drums and percussion parts live. Next, I send the string/ brass parts to a few local musicians I know and we record the performances using real instruments in my studio. Once all the parts are in I mix the track and start working on the next one!



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