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Dream Flight

Dream Flight is a remarkable indie game from the talented game and software developer Jameson Quave ( in which the player gets to explore the world of dreams by flying through different worlds and dreamscapes.


Making the music for the game was a blast. Jameson was super easy to work with and we communicated constantly throughout the development process (which took less then a week!) via Skype and emails.


Since the game was being made the same time as the music most of the levels weren’t ready for me to see and I had to write a lot of the music based on Jameson’s description of the levels and their themes.



The game introduces a new visual theme every two levels and since there are a number of different themes that are level dependent, a number of musical themes had to be written to match the feel of each level, yet the music as a whole, needed to sound coherent for the most part.


Since the game is taking place in a (mostly) calm dream world the right sound and instrumentation choices were crucial.  It was evident from the start that the music should blend in, develop and grow with the game as the levels get harder and change in style and theme.

David Levy Austin Texas Composer for Film and Games
David Levy Austin Texas Composer for Film and Games

I wanted the music to flow with the movement and pacing of the game and I ended up using mostly organic instruments such as strings, woodwinds, choir and a few ambient bell type instruments.


One of the cool things we did on the sound design side was pitching the sound effect that plays when a player picks up clouds to the key of each song and randomized the order in which each of the cues plays. So, each cloud plays a different note within the key of the music that is playing in the background.

The result is short melodies that play on top of the existing music track as the player picks up the clouds.


Check out the game on Steam!


David Levy Austin Texas Composer for Film and Games
David Levy Austin Texas Composer for Film and Games


david levy compose


david levy compose
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